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Depression is an extremely common but sad aspect of many peoples’ lives. For some it comes and goes quickly whilst for others they seem to suffer repeat and prolonged episodes. Many people try to hide depression, worried what others may think. Depression can have a debilitating effect including, for example mood, concentration, sleep patterns and diet which can leave us feeling sad, frightened, guilty, socially withdrawn and confused.


As a therapist working predominantly with a solution focused approach, I help clients to look as themselves from a different perspective. They are not the problem and empowering them to work at goals, however small at first, can start to regain control and challenge the thoughts that previously had such a powerful hold over their lives. Working to combat depressionin in this way can be extremely liberating, provided the person is prepared to put in effort and determination. I have seen numerous situations where clients have been able to change their outlook, seize back control and positive thinking, which can be transformational in terms of future quality of life.

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