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Bereavement and Loss

Sadly we all have to face serious loss at some point in our life. The loss of a loved one is considered to be one of the most severe forms of psychological stress but serious loss can also come in many other ways, for example the ending of a relationship through break-up, redundancy, loss of a home, health loss through injury, accident or illness.


Coming to terms with loss is a gradual process and can take some time. Grief is normal but can appear in many unexpected ways. Some people can't contain their feelings of anger over their loss, some become wirhdrawn, feelings of guilt can surface and for some feelings of being completely numb and helpless become overpowering and can also turn into depression.   


One important aspect of counselling during this time is to be able to stand alongside someone experiencing grief of loss and understanding their feelings of pain. With bereavement counselling I seek to help individuals to find a place for their loss so they can carry on with their life and eventually find acceptance. I am able to draw upon my own personal experiences and counselling training in order to be of help during this painful time.

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