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Client Testimonials

" Tim helped me to work through some difficult issues at my own pace. He encouraged me to challenge certain ideas that I had and I now     feel much more confident in myself and positive about the future."


“ Tim is such a warm and engaging person. I felt that I could trust him with so much detail about my life and never felt judged”


"We came to Tim through a recommendation, feeling that our marriage was over. Tim helped us to identify and work through the problems   we had allowed ourselves to cripple our relationship and gain a new insight into our love for each other. We both now feel we are making a   fresh start together with a deeper appreciation of ourselves and each other"

“ I cannot express how much more positive I feel with my life in such a short space of time”


“ I came in for counselling fearful and nervous. Tim helped me to feel really at ease and able to express myself. I cried buckets but found       Tim’s approach so trusting and encouraging, even when thinking and talking about really painful aspects of my life”


“ Tim has a real skill and ability to cut through the veneer and help me to see more clearly. I felt challenged but Tim helped me to see hope     again in my life”


“ Counselling is not for the faint hearted. Tim really encouraged me to work and challenge myself to beat my depression.I felt enthused         after each session to work at my recovery and started to feel proud of what I achieved for the first time in such a long time”


“ I reached such a low point in my relationship this year and my self- esteem was on the floor. If it wasn’t for my counselling sessions I know    that I would not have had the strength and will to carry on with life. I now believe that I understand myself so much better and am starting     to believe in a future again”

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