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The way in which we interact with others can depend largely on learned behaviours and experiences from a young age. Habits and ways of communicating picked up over the years can become deeply entrenched with a resultant negative impact on the way we relate unless we are able to identify and break free of these learned behaviours. Also, to a certain extent our sense of value and worth depends on the quality of relationships that we have with others and if these become problematic, for example if trust is broken, then we will always feel unable to relate in a healthy way, particularly in times of stress. 


Relationship counselling can be a positive way of helping to identify and improve how we relate and ultimately help us to live more fulfilling lives in relationship with others. Self- respect and esteem are also crucial elements in holding positive relationships and exploring these areas can also be beneficial in counselling. This is also true with the intimate relationships we hold or aspire to hold. Relationship and couples counselling is a special interest of mine and an area where I have training and experience.

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