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Stress is our body’s response to what can be uncomfortable, unpleasant or dangerous situations and can produce emotions that bring on fear, tension, nervousness and anxiety. Stress triggers a rush of hormones that increase the heart rate, raise blood pressure and prevent the process of digestion functioning normally in order to divert all the energy to combat the stress inducing situation.


Life can be filled with normal stressful situations which result in momentary physical reactions. The body quickly returns to its normal state and in a number of situations a certain level of stress is helpful in that it enables us to complete activities, tasks and challenges that are part of every-day living. However, certain life events such as redundancy, loss of a loved one, a critical illness, accident or trauma can lead to chronic stress. In such situations hormones remain in the system for too long as the body continues to maintain a state of high alert which can soon result for example in headaches, hypertension, anxiety, panic, fear and physical digestion issues to name a few.


Counselling can help to take appropriate action and develop coping skills, identify and utilise inner strengths and strategies to take control of our lives and combat unhealthy stress.

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