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South Manchester and Cheshire based therapy, encouraging  individuals and couples  to identify and develop their skills, strengths and resources to deal with their issues

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There can be times and situations in our lives when we are unable to cope and our problems just seem too difficult to manage. Talking with our family and friends can help but sometimes the specific issues we hold are not easily discussed with those we know. This is when professional counselling can help.


New Seasons Counselling is based in South Manchester and Cheshire and offers a non-judgemental, confidential and safe environment for both individuals and couples to explore the problems that may be causing them distress or having an impact on their relationship with each other.


Clients are encouraged to identify and develop their own skills, strengths and resources that could lead to them living more fulfilled and positive lives.

Individual Counselling


In a safe and confidential place clients may explore aspects of their life and how to work towards best hopes for the future. Therapy will focus on solutions, seeking to encourage positive change by identifying inner strength and resources.

Couples Counselling


In a safe and confidential environment relationship issues and difficuties can be explored. With the help of positive facilitation this provides the space to consider how to listen and understand each other, giving the opportunity to move forward in a  more constructive way.

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